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Simple Marketing Tactics that Drive Sales

Simple Marketing Tactics that Drive Sales

Marketing tactics can be extremely complex or quite simple. Ironically, the simple tactics are the ones that are most effective and successful. Value-added headlines, informative content, and visual appeal are simple tactics that can drive conversions and sales.

For example, one simple tactic is to make it quick and easy for web visitors and customers to view information on your website. Allowing adequate white space, creating short sentences, and keeping enough space between words, sentences, and paragraphs will make your site more appealing.

In addition, the strategic use of keywords and keyword phrases will attract search engines and keep site visitors scanning your content. Words that demonstrate how your product adds value will capture attention and focus the reader on “what’s in it for them”.

And these are also valuable search engine optimization techniques that will drive visitors to your website.

Simple marketing tactics

A very important tactic is to make everything simple. Some recommended options include:

  1. Bulleted or numbered lists (like this one)
  2. Use of bold to highlight keywords or important benefits (use sparingly to ensure emphasis without over-use)
  3. Subheadings to create a logical flow and to break large blocks of content
  4. Titles and subheadings in ‘sentence case’ since capitalizing most words tends to break attention span and create confusion
  5. Graphics, pictures, audio or videos that are clearly relevant to the product and that showcase benefits and value
  6. Highlighting unique information, benefits and value by using ‘call out boxes’, ‘pull quotes’ and other design elements
  7. Since people tend to scan web pages rather than read them, snippets or short phrases with important information become vital for website content. People need to get the message quickly without having to think hard about what is being presented. Making sentences overly long or complex tends to be a distraction and you’ll lose the site visitor’s attention quickly.

These are just some of the recommended options when creating website content.

Not only is it important to integrate many of the basic and advanced marketing tactics into your marketing plan, it is also vital to include methods of testing their effectiveness. Watching and monitoring statistics that indicate how long visitors remain on your pages, among other measures of success, will help you refine marketing tactics and improve your marketing strategy. Google analytics is great for this.

Once you deploy some of the more advanced marketing tactics that are proven effective you will begin to see conversions increase quickly. And increased conversion rates lead to higher sales and repeat business.

Advanced marketing tactics include options such as the use of powerful copy that attracts readers, inclusion of questions that help you lead customers toward sales, and using authority positioning to increase site integrity and credibility. Testimonies of former customers builds trust even quicker.

If you’re searching for ways to grow your business, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to evaluate marketing tactics that will put you on the super-highway to success. Evaluate what others have already tested and proven successful. Create the winning formula for your website and enjoy the success that comes from hard work and vision.

Let's Talk Give Away Events

So you need to grow your list or just get it started.

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If you upgrade,  you will need a special offer, and a couple of text ads. These allow you to sell a product during the giveaway. This gives you a chance at making a profit as well as building a list. You can use the same methods as above to get your special offer together. The texts ads are just the same as your special offer just without graphics.

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We Willl Be Back :)

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